Groß-Rosen Konzentrationslager, Rogoźnica, Dolny Śląsk, powiatŚwidnicki, województwo Dolnośląskie, Polska

Latitude 51°00'34″N
Longitude 16°17'29″E
City Rogoźnica
Church Parish Dolny Śląsk
County powiatŚwidnicki
State/ Province województwo Dolnośląskie
Country Polsa



Konzentrationslager Groß-Rosen
KZ Gross-Rosen


Groß-Rosen, constructed by an initial contingent of 98 Polish deportees, was built as a satellite camp to KZ Sachsenhausen.
On May 1, 1941, it became a principal and autonomous camp.
The location was chosen by the DEST (SS-Deutsche Erd und Steinwerke GmbH) that held a contract for use of several stone quarries in the area, and for which the company, which belonged entirely to the administration of the SS, rented the manpower available.
Nearly one hundred satellite camps depended on Groß-Rosen.
Deportees were made to work externally, and put to service at various companies, usually to produce chemicals and war material such as weapons.
The mortality rate at Groß-Rosen was so high that the crematorium was judged as insufficient to treat the remains of the victims in a timely manner.


On February 14,1945, Groß-Rosen was liberated by troops of the Soviet 52nd Armata, of the Ukrainian front.

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