Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom

Latitude 53°24′N
Longitude 2°59′W
City Liverpool
Church Parish Merseyside
State/ Province England
Country United Kingdom


On June 20, 1940, Duchess of York sailed from Liverpool, carrying 2,100 Class A Internees and 500 German POWs.


On July 2, 1940, at 15:00PM, Eric Koch left the detention camp on the Isle of Man, arrived in Liverpool at 21:00PM, and the next morning he boarded Ettrick.


On July 3, 1940, Ettrick sailed from Liverpool, carrying more than 1,300 Class B and Class C interneees, as well as 900 German POWs and 400 Italians.
Eric Koch cites "Aboard were 1,308 internees in CategoriesB and C, 785 German prisoners of war and 405 Italians."


  1. Penzias, Rolf