Pithiviers camp camp de Pithiviers, Pithiviers, canton de Pithiviers, arrondissement de Pithiviers, département du Loiret, région Centre, France

Latitude 48°10′21″N
Longitude 2°15′09″E
City Pithiviers
Church Parish canton de Pithiviers, arrondissement de Pithiviers
County département du Loiret
State/ Province région Centre
Country France


In August, 1942, while parents and adolescents were separated from younger children at Pithiviers and Beaune-la-Rolande, for transport to Auschwitz, French police in the unoccupied zone prepared to deliver 10,000 foreign Jews to the Nazis.
All Jews, from specified countries, who had entered France after January 1, 1936, were to be rounded up and and transported to the occupied zone before September 15, 1942.

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