Chateau de Peyrins, Peyrins, Drôme, Rhône-Alpes, France

City Peyrins
County Drôme
State/ Province Rhône-Alpes
Postal Code FR-26380
Country France


In January, 1935, the Earl of Sallmard leased Chateau de Peyrins to Marcel and Germaine Chesneau , who opened the Maison d'enfants à caractère sanitaire, a private institution run by madame Germaine Chesneau.


In October, 1942, Jewish children, liberated from the camp at Vénissieux were hidden at Chateau de Peyrins, given false names, and integrated with other residents.
Germaine Chesneau registered the children under false names, buried anything that might betray their origins, such as prayer books, bibles and personal effects.
Adults Jews were also hidden in the castle, and served as teachers or instructors.
It is not known how many children hidden by the OSE passed through Chateau de Peyrins.


On August 22, 1944, Vénissieux was liberated by the Resistance, but retaken by the Germans five days later.
Germaine Chesneau was warned to evacuate the house,and she had the children, evacuated in small groups, taken to join the woods of Saint-Ange, where cabins were built to house them..


  1. Clément, Germaine
  2. Frenkel Frankel, Menachem