Godalming, Waverley, Surrey, South East England, United Kingdom

Latitude 51°11′6″N
Longitude 0°36′36″W
City Godalming
Church Parish Waverley
County Surrey
State/ Province South East England
Country United Kingdom


In September, 1881, Godalming came to world attention, when it became the first town to have installed a public electricity supply.
Power was supplied by a Siemens AC Alternator, installed by Calder & Barnet, and dynamo, powered by a waterwheel, located at Westbrook Mill, on the River Wey.
In 1884, the whole town reverted to gas lighting, as Siemens failed to tender for a contract to light the town.


Notable people were born in Godalming include:
* James Oglethorpe
* Aldous Huxley



  1. Orde-Browne, Ethel
  2. Wingate, George