Armée Juive (AJ)


Created in January, 1942, in Toulouse, by Abraham Polonski and his wife Eugénie, Lucien Lublin , and David Knout and his wife Ariane, l' Armée Juive was a Zionist resistance movement in Nazi occupied World War II France.
The first members were recruited from a Torah study group headed by Rabbi Paul Roitman, and included Arnold Mandel, Elie Rothnemer, Claude Strauss (writer Claude Vigée ) and Maurice Hausner.
The organizationed ceived funding from Marc Jarblum, president of the Zionist Organization of France which was refuged in Switzerland.
The organization was originally called the Movement des Jeunesses Sionistes (MJS), and evolved into l'Organization Juive de Combat (OJC).


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