Podu Iloaiei, județul Iași, Moldova, România

Latitude 47°13′N
Longitude 27°27′30″E
City Podu Iloaiei
County județul Iași
State/ Province Moldova
Country România


In the second half of the 18th century, the Jewish community wasestablished in Podu Iloaiei, as a result of the the Seven Years' War (1756-1763), the partition of Poland (1792,1795) and the Russian-Austrian-Turkish wars (1769-1774, 1787-1792, 1806-1812, 1828-1830). when the Phanariot princes who ruled the Romanian Principalities decided to encourage repopultation by the foreigners, promising temporary tax exemptions.


On June 30, 1941, a train with the survivors of the Iasi pogrom arrived in Podul Iloaiei; 1,194 died.
About 700 survivors were saved, brought to the synagogue and then offered shelter in Jewish homes.
In 1941, the Governement issued the first order to expel the Jews from Podul Iloaiei, but cancelled because of protests by the Jewish Congregations Society in Bucuresti.


In April 1942, the Jews of Podu Iloaiei were evacuated to Iasi.and given shelter in the synagogues.
The police sealed Jewish homes and stores.
After the war,about 300 Jews returned to Podul Iloaiei.


  1. Alter Altar, Ben Zion Bentin