Senio River, Emilia-Romagna, Toscana, Italia

Latitude 44°33′N
Longitude 12°06′E
City Senio
County Emilia-Romagna
State/ Province Toscana
Country Italia



Senio was the site of major engagements in 1945 during World War II.
The Allied capture of the Senio River area was critical for the success of the Allied drive to capture all of Italy.
The British 4th division and the American 101st Airborne took great casualties capturing the heavily defended crossing.
In early April, 1945, the 8th Army held its winter line on the Senio River from Lago Commacchio in the north to Brisighella in the south.
The Allied forces included Indians, New Zealanders, Poles, a Jewish Brigade and Italian troops and 7th Armoured Brigade, less 2 RTR, was under command of 2 Polish Corps for the initial breaking of the Senio River position.
The 2nd Jewish Brigade crossed the Senio River, and approached Monte Gebbio, meeting limited mortar fire.


  1. זורע Zarodinsky Zorea, Meir 'Zarro'