League of Nations, Genève, canton de Genève, Suisse

City Genève
State/ Province canton de Genève
Country Suisse


In 1936,Polish delegate Tytus Komarnicki appealed at a League of Nations session, for Great Britain not to close Palestine to Jewish emigration.
Tytus Komarnicki cited: "It is the duty of the Polish government to watch carefully the Jewish state in Palestine which is eternal dream of the Jewish nation."
Polish attempts met resistance and failed, but Poland continued to demanded that the League of Nations appoint a erritory in other area for settlement.
In 1936, France agreed to the acquisition of Madagascar by Poland, and Major Mieczysław Lepecki led a reconnaissance expedition whose findings were positive, but the acquisition was not finalized as the parties could not agree on the price.
At the same time, Joseph Stalin offered considering Birbijan, in Siberia, as the new Jewish state, promising settlers a country of "honey and milk".
But, Palestine remained the destination for Jewish immigration, and in 1936, 100.000 Polish Jews emigrated to Palestine.


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