Fürth, Mittelfranken, Bayern, Deutschland

Latitude 49°29′N
Longitude 10°59′E
City Fürth
County Mittelfranken
State/ Province Bayern
Country Deutschland


In 1528, the Margrave of Ansbach, George the Pious, permitted two Jews, Perman und Uriel, to settle in Fürth, in return for payment of high taxes, and from then on the Jewish population grew.


in 1653, the first Jewish hospital in Germany, and the girst hospital in Fürth, was built.


In 1670, Emperor Leopold I deported the Jews of Wien, and many upper-class Jewish families moved to Fürth.


  1. Glaser, Ferdinand
  2. Kreiser, Adele
  3. Punfud, Senta Senetta