Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry ועדת החקירה האנגלו-אמריקאית לענייני ארץ ישראל

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Prime Minister, Clement Atlee convened a joint United States-United Kingdom committee, after President Harry S. Truman had contacted him with the Harrison Report,


Pillar of Fire - Part 6 1/6 Exodus (1945-1947)


In April 1946, The Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry issued their report, which concurred with the Harrison Report, and recommended that 100,000 Jews be allowed into Palestine.
The Anglo-American Committee of inquiry cited, in chapter 2 paragraph 12:
"In Poland, Hungary and Rumania, the chief desire is to get out, to get away somewhere where there is a chance of building up a new life, of finding some happiness, of living in peace and in security. In Germany also, where the number of Jews has been reduced from about 500,000 in 1933 to about 20,000 now, and most traces of Jewish life have been destroyed, there is a similar desire on the part of a large proportion of the survivors to make a home elsewhere, preferably in Palestine. In Czechoslovakia, particularly in Bohemia and Moravia, and in Austria, the position in regard to the reestablishment of the Jewish populations is more hopeful. The vast majority of the Jewish displaced persons and migrants, however, believe that the only place which offers a prospect is Palestine."
The Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry recommendations:
1. immediate admission to Palestine of 100,000 Jewish refugees from Europe;
2. withdrawal of restriction of Jewish purchase of Arab land; and,
3. eventual incorporation of both communities in a binational state under United Nations trusteeship.
Prime Minister Clement Atlee ignored the recommendation, proclaimed that 1,500 Jews would be allowed to migrate to Palestine each month.
Britain reffered the issue to the United Nations.


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