HMS Chaplet (R 52), Royal Navy



HMS Chaplet (R 52) was a Ch-Class Destroyer.
Built: by Thornycroft, at Southampton, Woolston
Ordered: July 24, 1942
Laid down: April 29, 1943
Launched: July 18, 1944
Commissioned: August 24, 1945


On September 28, 1947, SS Paducah Geulah and Northland Medinat haYehudim מדינת היהודים sailed out from the Dardanelles, and were shadowed by HMS Chaplet, and HMS Cheviot, until relieved by HMS Haydon.


On February 12, 1948, British destroyers, HMS Phoebe, HMS Cheviot and HMS Chaplet, approached Yerushalayim haNetzura ירושלים הנצורה, blocked her path and forced her to sail itowards Haifa.
Tzvi Ben-Tzur cites: "The vessel was boarded by British soldiers but the Palyamnikim had managed to knock out the engines, so that the vessel had to be towed to Haifa. There was no attempt to resist and all of the Ma’apilim and the foreign crew were deported to Cyprus."
Paul H. Silverstone's Aliyah Bet Project cites: was "intercepted off Haifa by the destroyer Cheviot. 402 men, 216 women, 61 children, deported to Cyprus on the Ocean Vigour."

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