HMS Peacock, Royal Navy


Ninian Stewart cites: "During October (1945) the Mediterranean Fleet's detached Palestine Force grew to include a cruiser, five destroyers of the 3rd Flotilla and the sloop HMS Peacock."


On November 22, 1945, Berl Katznelson ברל כצנלסון Demetrius was sighted by HMS Peacock, lying close to shore, with 4 or 5 small boats ferrying Maapilim ashore.
Fritz Liebreich cites: on November 25, 1945, approximately 200 Maapilim landed at Shefayim שפיים from the Berl Katznelson ברל כצנלסון Demetrius.
Ninian Steward cites: "No resistance was offered to Peacock's boarding party of an officer and five men, who found 20 dirty but fit and well clothed illegal immigrants onboard."
"Three hours after the Peacock's suspicions were first aroused, HMS Haydon on an adjacent patrol line sighted another flare and pursued two small fishing boats making for the shore. These were rounded up with some difficulty, the final arrest taking the destroyer drawing 17 feet, into only 30 feet of water. Similar craft were seen on the beach, as were people on the low sand cliff tops, and since these events took place between 0300 and 0500 they were thought to be a reception party."
"Both the captured boats were towed by the Haydon's motorboat to Jaffa and handed over to the Police with their crews, who spent six months in prison."
The British arrested 20 Maapilim and Palyamnikim, who were interned at Latrun לטרון‎.
Uzi Dayan cites: Moshe Rabinovitch, Yedidya Tzafrir and eleven passengers were caught and sent to Atlit עתלית Detention Camp, and a dozen Palyam members, including Yosef Almog and Yosef Dror, who had aided transfer of passengers with their rowboats, were arrested, and interned at Latrun לטרון‎ for 6 months.


  1. Oabourne, F.M. RN