Ferramonti di Tarsia Campo di internamento, Ferramonti di Tarsia, Cosenza, Calabria, Italia

Latitude 39°18′N
Longitude 16°15′E
City Ferramonti di Tarsia
County Cosenza
State/ Province Calabria
Country Italia


Campo di internamento di Ferramonti di Tarsia was an internment camp for Jews and foreigners, and the largest of the fifteen internment camps established by Benito Mussolini between June and September 1940.
On June 4, 1940, less than a week before Italy entered World War II, construction of Campo di internamento di Ferramonti di Tarsia began.
On on June 15, 1940, the arrest of Jewish citizens began, and prisoners began arriving at the camp on June 20.
Over 3,800 Jews were imprisoned at the camp, of which only 141 were Italian.


In September, 1943, six weeks after Benito Mussolini's downfall, the prisoners at Campo di internamento di Ferramonti di Tarsia were released.
Many internees joined the Allied armed forces.
About 1,000 of the refugees were transferred to Camp Oswego.


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