Convoy 64

Street Camp Drancy
City Drancy, Paris
Country France
Alternate Locations
Street Auschwitz Concentration camp
City Oswiecim
Country Polska


At 12:10PM, December 7, 1945, Convoy # 64 left Drancy from Bobigny to Auschwitz, under control of SS-Obersturmfuhrer Wannenmacher,
Auschwitz Records cite: "334 men and women received numerical tattoos and livedfor a while. 657 men, women and children were gassed immediately, In 1945 there were 50 survivors of transport 64."


On December 7, 1943, Ferdinand Glaser was transported from Drancy, by train on Convoy # 64, to Auschwitzconcentration camp.


  1. Glaser, Ferdinand