Maestrale haZaken

Alternate Locations
City Napoli
Country Italia
City Catania
Country Italia
City Haifa חיפה
State/ Province חיפה
Country ישראל


Maestrale Nickname: haZaken


From December, 1947 to March, 1948, Yehuda Arazi, Ehud Avriel and Munia Mardur acquired six ships to transport the arms:
* Santa-Chiara
* Ressurectio
* Maestralle
* Monte-Chiaro
* Scio
* Nora
Each of the ships continued to carry foreign flags, and were operated by their foreign crews.
Ada Sereni, working on Yehuda Arazi's instructions, acquired Santa-Chiara and Ressurectio.


On June 27, 1948, Maestrale returned to Israel accompanying Providence, the first Haapalah ship to arrive after Haifa חיפה was under Israeli contol.
David Ben Chorin served as Palyam Commander aboard Maestrale.
Yehuda Ben Tzur served as Palyam Escort aboard Maestrale.
Nachum Monderer served as Gidoni גִּדְעֹנִי, wireless radio operator aboard Maestrale.
* Gavriel 'Gabi' Weiss


  1. בן-צור Borstein Burstein Ben-Tzur Ben-Tsur, Yehuda Leib 'Pere' ben Tzvi