Kazimierza Wielka, powiat Kazimierski, województwo Świętokrzyskie, Polska

Latitude 50°16′N
Longitude 20°29′E
City Kazimierza Wielka
County powiat Kazimierski
State/ Province województwo Świętokrzyskie
Country Poska


First mention of Jewish settlement in Kazimierza dates back to 1386.


In 1495, Jews were ordered out of the center of Kraków, and settled in the "Jewish town" of Kazimierz.


Restrictions imposed on the territorial expansion of Jewish quarters forced the Jews to seek the privlegia de non tolerandis christianis, or bans on Christian settlement in Jewish quarters, including:
* Kazimierz in 1568
* Poznan in 1633
* all Lithuanian communities in 1645


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