No. 51 Commando Unit, Middle East Commando, British Army, Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence MoD


In October, 1940, the No. 51 Commando Unit was formed from 300 Palestinian volunteers from No. 1 Company, Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps.
By the autumn of 1940, more than 2,000 men had volunteered for Commando training, and what became known as the Special Service Brigade was formed into 12 units called Commandos.
At first they were a small force of volunteers, who carried out small raids against enemy occupied territory, but, by 1943, their role had changed into lightly equipped assault Infantry which specialised in spearheading amphibious landings.
They fought against the Italians in Abyssinia and Eritrea before the unit was absorbed into the Middle East Commando.


In 1941, Winston Churchill ordered the formation of the Middle East Commando, made up from the commandos that remained in the Middle East.


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