Somers, Andrew L. MC

Birth Name Somers, Andrew L. MC
Call Name Andrew
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Membership 1947 American League for Free Palestine ALEF also see Bergson Group  

Membership   Palestine Resistance Fund, New York, New York, United States of America The Palestine Resistance Fund was led by a National Committee

Event Note

The National Committee of the Palestine Resistance Fund:
* Stella Adler
* Konrad Bercovici
* Louis Bromfield
* Russell Gordon Carter
* Lester Cohen
* Alan Corelli
* Mordecai Danzis
* Paul Eldridqe
* Frances Gunther
* Ben Hecht
*Nathan George Harwitt
* Prof. Constantine Panunzio
* Andrew L. Somers, M.C.
* Arthur Szyk
*Alex Witt
* Isaac Zoar



    1. Somers, Andrew L. MC