Tiefenbrunner, Yona 'Yoine' Jonas ben Ephraim (Efroim)

Birth Name Tiefenbrunner, Yona 'Yoine' Jonas ben Ephraim (Efroim) [1]
Call Name 'Yoine'
Gender male
Age at Death 47 years, 6 months, 14 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth June 18, 1914 Wiesbaden, regierungsbezirk Darmstadt, Hessen, Deutschland  

Event Note

Yona Tiefenbrunner was one of eight siblings.

Event Note

Maurice 'Monju' Tiefenbrunner cites: "During the 1930s when the Nazis came to power, they held meetings in large town halls. Yoine and I decided to attend one such meeting as something to boast about to our friends. There were about 100 Germans in the hall. They talked of destroying Jewish businesses and attacking Jews. Suddenly a school-friend recognised and introduced us. Immediately they realised we were Jewish. They threw us out and bashed us up. We were badly bruised and hurt, but very proud that we'd attended a Nazi Party meeting."

Event Note

In 1938, the German government had decided that all Jews of Polish nationality residing in Germany, were to be deported back to Poland.
In November, 1938, the Tiefenbrunner family were all taken to the railway station, escorting police took put them into the train carriages, and they were expelled to Poland.
The train left Wiesbaden, stopped in Mainz, Frankfurt and several other places, where more Jewish families boarded the train.
The train went as far as Beuthen, on the border of Germany and Poland, where all the passengers got out.
The Tiefenbrunner family boarded a train for Krakow, to Yaakov Tiefenbrunner's house.
Phillip Tiefenbrunner left home to work in Antwerpen.
Yona 'Yoine' Tiefenbrunner escaped to Belgium, joining his brother, Phillip, in Antwerpen.

Membership   Poalei Agudas Izrael פועלי אגודת ישראל‎ פא"י  

Education 1937 Berlin, Metropolregion Berlin/Brandenburg, Brandenburg, Deutschland Yona 'Yoine' Tiefenbrunner left his job and study at the Rabbinical Seminary

Marriage May 9, 1940 Antwerpen, Vlaanderen, Belge Yona Tiefenbrunner married Ruth Feldheim, on the day before the Germans marched into Belgium

Occupation   Antwerpen, Vlaanderen, Belge  

Event Note

Yona Tiefenbrunner founded a youth home and yeshiva for religious boys, aged 15 to 17 years, who had come to Belgium on a Kindertransport.

Event Note

Both Ruth and Yona Tiefenbrunner were detained as Enemy Aliens, but were quickly released.
The children at Jonas' home had dispersed, and Jonas immediately set out by bicycle to find them. He reestablished his school on the General Drubbelstraat, in what had been an old age home.
At one point, the Nazis considered deporting the children, but pleas from the Catholic Church and Queen Elisabeth of Belgium, compelled the to formalize a policy that Jews under the age of sixteen and the elderly would be allowed to remain in Belgium, and to house these homeless Jews, a series of orphanages and old-age homes were organized.
In late 1941, funding for Chez Tiefenbrunner House was underwritten by the Association des Juifs en Belgique AJB, was officially renamed Orphelinat Israelite de Bruxelles. and moved to rue Patriotes in Bruxelles.

Event Note

After the war, Yona Tiefenbrunner started a new children's home in Mariaburg, for children who had been interned in concentration camps and orphans who had been in hiding.
He continued to direct the home until 1960.

Death 1962   Yona Tiefenbrunner died, at age 48 years, of heart failure



Father Tiefenbrunner, Efroim Ephraim ben Issachar
Mother Licht, Matel bat Yehuda Aryeh (Leib)
  1. Tiefenbrunner, Avraham Yaakov ben Ephraim (Efroim)
  2. Tiefenbrunner, Sala bat Ephraim (Efroim)
  3. Tiefenbrunner, Maurice 'Monju' Moshe ben Ephraim (Efroim)
  4. Tiefenbrunner, Philip ben Ephraim (Efroim)
  5. Tiefenbrunner, Osias ben Ephraim (Efroim)
  6. Tiefenbrunner, Rosel bat Ephraim (Efroim)
  7. Tiefenbrunner, Lina bat Ephraim (Efroim)

Source References

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