Reifer, Miriam bat Shlomo (Salomon)

Birth Name Reifer, Miriam bat Shlomo (Salomon)
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth June, 1937 Чернівці Chernivtsi, Буковина, Чернівецька область, Україна  

Event Note

Miriam Reifer spent 9 weeks in the Czernowitz Ghetto, had to hide numerous times, wore the yellow star from the age of 4 till the age of 7 and was not allowed to go to school, but did not suffer hunger or disease.

Event Note

From the autumn of 1947 to early spring of 1949, Miriam Reifer lived in the Netherlands, one of 500 Jewish Romanian children whom the Aliyat haNoar had managed to get out of Romania.

Boat February, 1949    

Event Note

Miriam Reifer was reunited with her parents, and lived first in Kiryat Haim, then in Kiryat Bialik, and finally, on kibutz Amiad.



Father Reifer, Salomon
Mother Steinmetz, Rachel 'Ruta' bat Shaul (Saul) Aryeh (Leib)


  1. Reifer, Salomon
    1. Steinmetz, Rachel 'Ruta' bat Shaul (Saul) Aryeh (Leib)
      1. Reifer, Miriam bat Shlomo (Salomon)