Schaier, Fannie

Birth Name Schaier, Fannie
Married Name Linder, Fannie
Gender female


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Event Note

In June, 1941, Fannie Schaier's parents were in a Pogrom in Banila ,their neighbors.

Marriage     Samuel Linder married Fannie Schaier

Transport October, 1941 Бершадь Berșad, Бершадський район, Вінницька область, Україна The Linder family was was deported to a camp in Transnistria

Event Note

Within the first few weeks, Yehudith Linder and her father's parents died of typhus and hunger.

Transport     The Linder family decided to leave for Palestine

Event Note

The Linder family spent 10 months in Bucureşti, waiting their turn with the Jewish Underground, to get out of Romania.

Event Note

In April, 1945, Bricha transported the Linder family to Padua, their first DP Camp.
They spent 4 years in Italian DP Camps, Padua, Cremona and Trani, run by UNRWA.

Boat June, 1949   The Linder family sailed to America



Married Husband Linder, Samuel
  1. Linder, Yehudith bat Shmuel (Samuel)
  2. Linder, Albert ben Shmuel (Samuel)


    1. Schaier, Fannie
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