Galambos, Luise Luisa

Birth Name Galambos, Luise Luisa
Call Name Luise
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth December 28, 1878    

Marriage     Marton Galambos married Luise

Transport February 15, 1941   Transport 1 left from Wien's Aspang Station for Opole

Event Note

On February 15, 1941, and February 26, 1941, two transports carried 2,003 Jewish men, women and children from Wien's Aspang Station to the Opole Ghetto.

Event Note

Luise Galambos repeatedly tried to leave Austria, having guessed what was awaiting her if she stayed, but was unable to obtain a visa; in letters she wrote, consuls and immigration officials were portrayed as masters of life and death.
The Nazis sent her from Graz to Wien. and finally, deported her to Poland.
On February 15, 1941, Luise Galambos was transported from Wien to Opole.
Yad vaShem Page of Testimony cites: Luise Galambos was recorded as Prisoner #55 on Transport l to Opole.
Luise Galambos's last letters came from Lublin.
She may have been murdered in Majdanek.
Yehudit Toth Eldar cites in her Yad vaShem page of testimony for her grandmother: Luise Galambos died in the Warszawa Ghetto.

Event Note

On February 26, 1941, Transport ll left from Wien's Aspang Station to Opole.

Event Note

By March, 1941, 8,000 Jews were deported to the Opole Ghetto.



Married Husband Galambos, Marton
  1. Galambos, 'Pali' Shaul
  2. Galambos, Yuzzi


Source References

  1. Namentliche Erfassung der oesterreichischen Holocaustopfer


    1. Galambos, Luise Luisa
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