Deuel, Tamara

Birth Name Deuel, Tamara
Married Name Deuel-Sternberg, Tamara
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth   Kaunas Kowno, Kauno apskritis, Aukštaitija, Lietuva  

Event Note

Tamara Deuel and her parents, were put into the Kaunas Kowno Ghetto.
Her mother was murdered by the Germans, and her father was transported to a camp in Estonia, and was murdered there.
Her grandfather and grandmother were murdered in the Kaunas Kowno Ghetto.


Event Note

Tamara Deuel and her sister were sent to Kaiserwald concentration camp, in Latvia, and they were transferred to a number of work camps,

Event Note

In 1945, Tamara Deuel and her sister were forced on a death march to the gas chambers, but they escape to a small town on the border between Poland and Germany, and where they were liberated by the Red Army.

Boat 1945    

Event Note

In 1945, Tamara Deuel went through Romania on her way to Palestine, as part of Youth Aliyah.

Military Service      

Military Service 1948 הקרב על גוש עציון Battle For Gush Etzion, מלחמת העצמאות,  

Event Note

Tamara Deuel fought at Gush Etzion גוש עציון, where she was captured by the army of TransJordan إمارة شرق الأردن.
She was released a month later.

Marriage     Sternberg married Tamara Deuel

Occupation     Tamara Deuel became an artist

Event Note

Tamara Deuel's paintings are displayed in Yad VaShem יד ושם‎‎, the Holocaust Museum at Tel Yitzchak תל יצחק, and photographs of her works are on dsplay in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, for research and documentation.
Her painting have been exhibited at Achva Academic College מכללת אחווה‎ in the Negev נגב‎, in a special showing on Holocaust Day יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה, and at Yad-Laad Museum for the Holocaust in moshav Nir Galim מושב ניר גלים.
Tamara Deuel cites: "I have been able to transfer the horror of the Holocaust in my art. Every individual who survived that other world, has a duty to leave documentation behind so that future generations will remember and will not forget."

Death June 26, 2007 תל אביב Tel Aviv, תל אביב, גוש דן, שראל  



Father Deuel, Alexander
Mother Bernstein, Anna


  1. Deuel, Alexander
    1. Bernstein, Anna
      1. Deuel, Tamara