Weisser, Gideon

Birth Name Weisser, Gideon
Birth Name גדעון

    Gideon גדעון means Destroyer, Mighty warrior, or Feller (of trees).
    Gideon גדעון, the son of Joash, from the clan of Abieezer in the tribe of Manasseh שבט מנשה, was judge of the Hebrews, recorded in the Book of Judges, chapters 6 to 8 , Judges 6–8.
    "Then Gideon said to God, "You say that you have decided to use me to rescue Israel."
    * Gedeon
    * Gid'on

Birth Name Friedman, Gedalia

    In Italy, Gideon Weisser took on th identity of a Polish refugee named Gedalia Friedman, using a photo and a letter that he was a member of the Jewish community of Milano.

Call Name גדעון
Call Name Gedalia
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth March 3, 1926    

Membership   נוער העובד Noar haOved  

Event Note

In 1942, Gideon Weisser, age 15½ years, attended training at kvutzat Mazada and joined a group of youth from Tel Aviv who called themselves “Lehava”.
Gideon Weisser cites: "The training meant that we worked every morning and afterwards would receive training with weapons."

Event Note

In 1943, Gideon Weisser and his group were sent to kibbutz Ramat Yochanan.

Military Service 1944 משטרת היישובים העבריים Jewish Settlement Police Gideon Weisser volunteered, and served as a policeman

Military Service 1945 פלמ"ח פלוגות מחץ Palmach, הגנה Gideon Weisser volunteered

Event Note

At the end of 1945, Gideon Weisser joined the Hermesh חרמש group at kibbutz Naan קיבוץ נען.

Membership 1945 קיבוץ החותרים kibbutz haHotrim, חוף הכרמל, חיפה, ישראל  

Military Service 1945 פלי“ם Palyam פלוגת הים‎, פלמ”ח, הגנה Gideon Weisser and Uri Egozi volunteered

Event Note

Gideon Weisser cites: "Uri Egozi and I volunteered for the Palyam, without knowing into what we were getting involved in. I thought that that would be the field of action in the near future,"

Event Note

Gideon Weisser was sent with a squad to Ayelet HaShachar, where they helped in immigration from Syria and Lebanon.
Gideon Weisser cites: "There were some young men among them who came to train in the Hagana and then return to their countries of origin. There were also whole families of young and old whom we brought to Rosh Pina, and were later scattered throughout the country."

Military Action 1945 קיבוץ שדות ים kibbutz Sdot Yam, חוף הכרמל, חיפה, ישראל Palmach פלמ"ח Squad Commanders' course (קורס למפקדי כיתות (מ"כים

Event Note

In 1946, the Palmach פלמ"ח Squad Commanders' course (קורס מפקדי כיתות (מ"כים , which and lasted four months, was held at Sdot Yam שדות ים.
Commander: Avraham Zakai
Boat commanders:
* Meir Falik

* Gideon Weisser

Boat November 2, 1945 ברל כצנלסון Berl Katznelson דמטריוס Demetrius Dimitrios Berl Katznelson ברל כצנלסון דמטריוס arrived opposite kibbutz Shefayim

Event Note

Gideon Weisser cites: "On the 23rd of November 1945, four sailboats sailed south and came opposite Kibbutz Shefayim. We waited there for the arrival of the Aliyah Bet immigrant ships that were scheduled to appear. At about midnight the “Berl Katznelson” arrived with olim from Greece. When we were almost done a British destroyer appeared and put out a number of small launches, which took over the ship and started chasing us. They succeeded in catching two of our boats but the other two managed to escape. There were six men in each boat. Our boat was towed to Jaffa and after being questioned by the CID we were taken to the prison
camp at Latrun."

Military Action 1947 קיבוץ יגור kibbutz Yagur, עמק זבולון, חיפה, ישראל Palyam פלי"ם‎ No. 4 Naval Officers' course קורס רביעי

Event Note

The Palyam פלי"ם‎ No. 4 Naval Officers' course:
* Shmuel Tankus
* Dov 'Berchik' Magen
* Grisha Gurewitz
* Gideon Weisser
* Yisrael Zack
Gideon Weisser cites: "At the beginning of 1947 I returned to working full time in the Palyam and participated in officers’ course number 4 which was based at Kibbutz Yagur."
Yisrael Zack cites: "I participated in the 4th course for naval officers under the tutelage of Shmuel Tankus and Berchik (Dov Magen of Ramat Hashofet)."
"We lived in tents at Kibbutz Yagur and studied at the Technion in Haifa."

Boat May 8, 1948 לניצחון Tulia Tuglia Christina leNitzachon LaNitzachon, together with its partner, The Orchid, sailed from Napoli

Place Note

On May 8, 1948, leNitzachon לניצחון sailed from Brindisi, carrying 189 passengers.
She had been prepared for the voyage in the Golfo di Gaeta.
Benny Kravitz served as Palyam Commander aboard leNitzachon לניצחון.
Gideon Weisser served as Palyam escort aboard leNitzachon לניצחון.
Reuven Orenstein Oren served as Gidoni , wireless radio operator, aboard leNitzachon לניצחון.


Event Note

Benny Kravitz served as Palyam Commander aboard LeNitzachon לניצחון.

Event Note

Reuvan Orenstein Oren served as Gidoni, wireless radio operator, aboard LeNitzachon לניצחון.

Event Note

Gideon Weisser served as Palyam escort, and was responsible for training the Maapilim in the use of weapons, aboard Lenizachon לניצחון.
Gideon Weisser cites: "We arrived at the port of Tel Aviv on the 17th of May and the olim disembarked in broad daylight."

Marriage 1949   Gideon Weisser married Miriam Gertner



Married Wife Gertner, Miriam
  1. Weisser, Avi ben Gideon
  2. Weisser, Yochai ben Gideon


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