Perlman Perelman, Yossif

Birth Name Perlman Perelman, Yossif
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Marriage     Yossif Perlman married Etia Malkin

Event Note

On April 13, 1940, Etia Malkin Perlman and her two children, Moshe and Sonia, were deported ressetled in Siberia Сибирь, a month after her husband, Yossif Perlman, was arrested.
Michael Tobias cites: they went by horse-drawn cart to Horod'k train station where they boarded a freight car, and traveled east for two weeks on the Trans Siberian Railway to Omsk and the Irtish River.
They travelled up the Irtish River to Krasnokutsk and on to Novotroitsk Sovhoz, their final destination, arriving May 1, 1940, where they were housed in the camel's stables.



Married Wife Malkin, Etl Etia
  1. פורת Perlman Perelman Porat, Moshe 'Monitshka' ben Yosef (Yossif)
  2. Perlman Perelman, Sonia bat Yoel


    1. Perlman Perelman, Yossif
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