Lindenstein, Beni

Birth Name Lindenstein, Beni
Also Known As Kin, Beni
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1920    

Membership   השומר הצעיר ‎haShomer haTzair  

Boat December 29, 1940 דאריאן Sofia S Pole Star Darien  

Event Note

On December 29, 1940, Beni Lindenstein sailed on Darien דאריאן, and served as a member of the passenger committee.

Camp March 19. 1941 מחנה המעצר בעתלית Atlit Detention Camp ,עתלית Atlit, חוף הכרמל, חיפה, ישראל Darien דאריאן arrived at Haifa, and the British interned the Maapilim at Atlit Dentention Camp מחנה המעצר בעתלית

Place Note

On March 19. 1941, Darien דאריאן arrived at Haifa.
She was intercepted by the British, and her 878 passengers were to be deported to Mauritius.
Our cites: "Darien reached Haifa with 792 people on and was caught and confiscated by the British Mandate government. The Refugees were in Atlit detention camps for 15 to 18 months."
No ship was available to transport them, so they were interned at Atlit Dentention Camp.

Event Note

After release from the Atlit Detention Camp מחנה המעצר בעתלית, Anutza and Nehemia Klein went to kibbutz Usha קיבוץ אושה, and later moved to Nahariyah נהריה

Event Note

After release from the Atlit Detention Camp מחנה המעצר בעתלית, Yohanan Goldman volunteered for the British Army, and served in the Jewish Brigade.

Event Note

Mordechai Herling wrote a dairy in Hebrew, from the day he left Home in December, 1940.
In September, 1942, he was released from Atlit Detentee Camp מחנה המעצר בעתלית.
His dairy, Dairy of a Maapil, was published, with the help of Atlit Detainee Camp Museum מוזיאון ההעפלה במחנה המעצר בעתלית.

Event Note

In December, 1948, lawyer Lawrence Weston appealed to the High Court for release of the prisoners held at Kessilotimbou (Xylotimbou) Detention Camp, on behalf of Mordechai Herling, who represented the 5,163 Maapilim.

Event Note

After release from the Atlit Detention Camp מחנה המעצר בעתלית, Haim Shpar joined a group that was formed to worked in kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov קיבוץ אשדות יעקב and kibbutz Geva קיבוץ גבע.

Military Service 1941 הגנה Haganah  

Event Note

After release from Atlit Detention Camp מחנה המעצר בעתלית, Beni Lindenstein joined kibbutz Shamir קיבוץ שמיר and the Haganah הגנה.

Military Service 1950 צה"ל צבא הגנה לישראל TzaHaL IDF Israel Defense Forces  



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