Gottesman, Lucia Lea bat Srul

Birth Name Gottesman, Lucia Lea bat Srul
Call Name Lea
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Marriage     Berko Buller married Lucia Lea Gottesman

Boat 1946   Huge Buller got a certificate to Palestine

Event Note

Lea Gottesman Buller managed to smuggle her daughter, Hadassa Buller, aboard the boat to Palestine.
In May, 1946, Hadassa and her granmother landed at Haifa on may 1946. but it took Lea Gottesman Buller another year and a half to join them.



Married Husband Buller, Berko ben Moshe (Moishe)
  1. Buller, Hadassa bat Berko


    1. Gottesman, Lucia Lea bat Srul
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