Donner, Regine

Birth Name Donner, Regine
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1928 Sokół, gmina Krzyżanów, powiat Kutnowski, województwo Łódzkie, Polska  

Emigration   Antwerpen, Vlaanderen, Belge Arie Donner, his wife, Sabine, and children, Clara, David, Israel, and Regine, left Sokol

Membership   השומר הצעיר ‎haShomer haTzair Regine Donner joined an agriculture school

Event Note

Regine Donner went into hiding with the Hanquet family, in Grez-Doiceau.

Event Note

Regine Donner travelled to Paris, and accompanied her mother and brother, Henri, back to Belgium.
The Hanquet family found separate hiding places for Sabine and Henri with Catholic families.
Sabine Donner hid with the Strebel family, in Hondeng-Goegnies.
Henri Donner taken to the home of Vicotr and Ida Alardo, in Dinant, where lived under the assumed name of Henri Peeters.

Conversion August, 1943   Regine Donner converted to Catholicism, and remained in Belgiu

Event Note

In 1971, Zvi Amiram (Henri Donner) arranged for his sister, Regine, who had become a nun, to come to Israel to be reconciled with their father before his death.



Father Donner, Arie
Mother Reinert, Sabine
  1. Donner, Clara
  2. Donner, David
  3. Donner, Israel
  4. עמירם Donner Amiram, Zvi Henri ben Arie


  1. Donner, Arie
    1. Reinert, Sabine
      1. Donner, Clara
      2. Donner, David
      3. Donner, Israel
      4. Donner, Regine
      5. עמירם Donner Amiram, Zvi Henri ben Arie