Schleichkorn, Marianne

Birth Name Schleichkorn, Marianne
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1924    

Transport 1939 Kindertransport Children’s Transport Marianne Schleichkorn, age 15 years, left her native German

Event Note

After the Nazis forced her father out of business, Marianne Schleichkorn's parents put Marianne and her younger sister on a train to Holland.

Event Note

Marianne Schleichkorn's ather had been a banker, and he fled to Spain and then Cuba.
Her mother had converted to Judaism, and went to live with her German Protestant parents.
After the war, they asettled in New York, where her father got a job as a night watchman, and her mother worked sewing labels on clothes.



    1. Schleichkorn, Marianne