Shuster, Yitzchak ben Eliezer

Birth Name Shuster, Yitzchak ben Eliezer
Gender male
Age at Death 24 years, 9 months, 18 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1924 Брэст Brest, Брэсцкая вобласць, Беларусь Yitzchak Shuster was born on 1 Iyar


Event Note

Yitzchak Shuster was a member of the kibbutz Ichud group in Germany, after the war.

Boat   הפורצים The breaking through/The Blockade Runners haPortzim מרים W.V. Marie Marie Annique Marie Annik Yitzchak Shuster sailed to Palestine, and arrivied at Nahariya in January, 1948

Military Service 1948   The Givati Brigade

Event Note

Yitzchak Shuster served as a medic in the Givati Brigade, and fought in the battles for the Negev נגב, and was wounded at Negba נגבה.

Military Action October, 1948   The Siege of Moaz Akiva

Event Note

Yitzchak Shuster served as a medic, with the Givati Brigade at the siege of Moaz Akiva.

Death October 19, 1948   Yitzchak Shuster was killed in battle, on 17 Tishrei



Father Shuster, Eliezer


  1. Shuster, Eliezer
    1. Shuster, Yitzchak ben Eliezer