Wijsmuller-Meyer, Truus

Birth Name Wijsmuller-Meyer, Truus
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Transport   Kindertransport Children’s Transport Truus Wismuller-Meyer brought 600 children from Wien on one train

Event Note

Truus Wijsmuller-Meyer organised a Kindertransport from Riga to Sweden.

Place Note

On May 14, 1940, the day the Dutch Army surrendered to Germany, the freighter, SS Bodegraven, the last Kindertransport, sailed from Amsterdam for England, carrying 80 children.
Truus Wijsmuller-Meyer escorted the Kindertransport through burning Amsterdam to SS Bodegraven.
SS Bodegraven was the last cargo boat to sail from Ijmuiden Ymuiden to Dover.
Passengers who did not hold proper papers, including hundreds of Jewish refugees, were forced to continue on to Liverpool.
SS Bodegraven landed at Liverpool, raked by machine gun fire from German war planes, and had at least one death on board,

Boat   דורה Vega Tjaldur Dora Truus Wismuller-Meyer helped smuggle a group of children on to the boat bound from Marseille to Palestine



Truus Wjismuller-Meyer, a Dutch Christian, stood up to Adolf Eichmann in Wien.


    1. Wijsmuller-Meyer, Truus