Laqueur, Siegrfried

Birth Name Laqueur, Siegrfried
Gender male
Age at Death 70 years, 9 months, 5 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth December 21, 1844 Twardogóra, powiat Oleśnicki, województwo Dolnośląskie, Polska  

Marriage November 6, 1870 Wrocław Breslau, województwo Dolnośląskie, Polska Siegfried Laqueur married Anna Levy

Event Note

Anna Levi Laqueur became a matriach of the extended Laqueur-Levi family, and her correspondence with her husband, Siegfried Laqueur, a successful entrepreneuer, with her sons, Walter and Ernst, who both were to become physicians, her brother, her sisters, with nephews and nieces, as well as her family's correspondence with her, reached an astounding volume.

Baptism 1906   Ernst Laqueur his wife and daughter were baptized as Evangelists

Occupation 1912 Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (University of Groningen), Groningen, Nederland Ernst Laquer was an assistant to physiologist, Hartog Jakob Hamburger

Event Note

In 1917, Ernst Laqueur was appointed Professur of Pharmacology and Physiology, at the Universiteit Gent University of Ghent.

Event Note

In 1920, Ernst Laqueur was appointed Professur of Pharmacology, at the Universiteit van Amsterdam University of Amsterdam.

Event Note

In 1940, when the Germans occupied the Netherlands, Ernst Laqueur was dismissed as a university professor because of his Jewish ancestry.

Death September 26, 1915 Wrocław Breslau, województwo Dolnośląskie, Polska  



Father Laqueur, Joachim Loebel


Married Wife Levy Levi, Anna
  1. Laqueur, Walther Walter
  2. Laqueur, Ernst


  1. Laqueur, Joachim Loebel
    1. Laqueur, Siegrfried
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