, Julia

Birth Name Julia
Married Name Cohn, Julia
Gender female


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Event Note

Both Paul Cohn's parents were born in Hamburg, as were three of his grandparents.
Previous generations of his family came from Hamburg, Leipzig, Berlin, Greiffenberg, and so far as he could trace, always lived in Germany.

Marriage   Hamburg, Deutschland Jakob Cohn married Julia

Occupation     Julia Cohn was a teacher

Event Note

In October, 1933, based on the "Gesetz zur Wiederherstellung des Berufsbeamtentums", the Act of 7.04.1933 to re-establish the civil service with tenure, Julia Cohn was dismissed from her position as a teacher, and after long negotiations she obtained a small pension, due to her 25 years of public service.



Married Husband Cohn, Jakob
  1. Cohn, Paul M. ben Yaacov (Jakob)


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