Harvey, C.C. RN

Birth Name Harvey, C.C. RN
Gender male


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Military Service   Royal Navy RN, HM Armed Forces, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence MoD  

Boat May 15, 1948 HMS Euryalus (42), Royal Navy HMS Euryalus sailed from Haifa to England

Event Note

On May 14, 1948, General Sir Allan Cunningham, High Commissioner of Palestine, arrived in Haifa, to declare the termination of the British Mandate.
He inspected a combined Guard of Honour of the King's Company, Grenadier Guards and 40 Commando, Royal Marines.

Place Note

On May 15, 1948, HMS Euryalus was responsible for the evacuation of the British High Commissioner, Lt. General Sir Alan Cunningham, from Haifa to England.
She was escorted out of Palestine waters by aircraft carrier, HMS Ocean, together with HMS Chevron, HMS Childers, HMS Volage, HMS Pelican and HMS Widemouth Bay.

Event Note

On May 15, 1948, Captain C.C. Harvey served as Commander aboard HMS Euryalus, when she sailed from Haifa.

Event Note

On May 15, 1948, Harold G. J. Bayliffe served as Crew aboard HMS Euryalus, when she sailed from Haifa.

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