Halpern, Avraham Yechiel Michel

Birth Name Halpern, Avraham Yechiel Michel
Call Name Avraham Yechiel
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Marriage     Avraham Yechiel Michel Halpern married Yonna


Event Note

Avraham Yechiel Michel Halpern, as a leader in the Jewish community, was ordered by the Germans, who had invaded Bohorodczany, to serve as Head of the Judenrat.
When he refused, the German Commandant ordered all the Jews to assemble in the square,
Hart N. Hasten cites the Commandant announncing that "I intend to send a clear message to the stiff-necked Jews of this town."
The Commandant ordered Avraham Yechiel Michel Halpern to step forward, and he did, still holding the hand of his grandson, Lonka.
The Commandant continued, "Observe what happens when a Jew disobeys a German order."
The Commandant shot , and he fell dead, Lonka screamed, and the Commandant shot Lonka.




Unknown Partner
  1. Halpern, Hannah bat Avraham Yechiel
  2. Halpern, Dina bat Avraham Yachiel


    1. Halpern, Avraham Yechiel Michel
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