Tzechoval, Mossco Mosco

Birth Name Tzechoval, Mossco Mosco
Call Name Mossco
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1905    

Boat July 20, 1944 USNS Henry Gibbins (T-AP-183)  

Event Note

When USNS Henry Gibbins sailed past the Statue of Liberty, Rabbi Mossco Tzechoval asked if he could say a prayer.
The passengers made a space for him on the crowded deck, and Rabbi Tzechoval bent down and kissed the iron deck, then stood up and recited the prayer of survival, the Shehecheyanu שהחינו‎.
Rabbi Mossco Tzechoval cited, “Now that we have reached the land of freedom we must never believe the lies that the Nazis tell about us, that wherever we go we bring evil. It’s not true. Wherever we go we bring the blessings of the Torah and we bring Truth. And now that we are here we must speak with one voice, one heart, and we must be filled not with hatred but with love”.

Camp 1944 Fort Ontario, Oswego, Oswego County, New York, United States of America Mossco Tzechoval served as Rabbi

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