Blumenthal, Turda Tirza

Birth Name Blumenthal, Turda Tirza
Also Known As לנר לינר, תרצה
Call Name Tirza
Call Name תרצה
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1923 Wien Vienna, Österreich  

Boat 1941 Кладово-Шабац Kladovo-Šabac Transport  

Event Note

Dan Lener served as an escort with the last group of Aliyat haNoar.

Event Note

Turda Tirza Blumenthal sailed with the first group of Aliyat haNoar, and met her future husband, Dan Lener.

Residence     Dan Lener and Turda Tirza Blumenthal came to Kibbutz Kinnerth, moved to Kibbutz Gaaton, and then to Kibbutz Neot-Mordechai



    1. Blumenthal, Turda Tirza