Levy, Berthold 'Bert'

Birth Name Levy, Berthold 'Bert'
Call Name 'Bert'
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Marriage     Berthold Levy married Charlotte

Camp November 10, 1938 Sachsenhausen Konzentrationslager, Oranienburg, Deutschland Berthold Levy was one of 500 arrested after Kristallnacht

Event Note

Berthold Levy was one of 500 Jewish men were arrested, of which 400 were transported to Special Pogram Camps at Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen.
They were released after a few weeks to prove if they would leave Germany.

Event Note

On November 21, 1938, Berthold Levy was released from prison.

Death April 23, 1939   Berthold Levy died of his illness from the ill-treatment received in detention

Burial April, 1939 Leipzig, direktionsbezirk Leipzig, Sachsen, Deutschkand Berthold Levy was buried in the family plot in the Old Jewish Cemetery, between Berlinstra├če and Theresienstra├če



Married Wife , Charlotte
  1. Levy, Hans Richard


    1. Levy, Berthold 'Bert'
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