Donner, Arie

Birth Name Donner, Arie
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage     Arie Donner married Sabine Reinert

Emigration   Antwerpen, Vlaanderen, Belge Arie Donner, his wife, Sabine, and children, Clara, David, Israel, and Regine, left Sokol

Occupation   Antwerpen, Vlaanderen, Belge Arie Donner worked as a diamond cutter and polisher


Event Note

After the war, Arie Donner, and sons, David and Israel, who had all survived the concentration camps, returned to Belgium, and found Henri and Regine.

Boat April 2, 1947 תיאודור הרצל Theodor Herzl השומרת Guardian Theodor Herzl תיאודור הרצל sailed from Sète for Palestine

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Maapilim ship אוניית מעפילים Theodor Herzl

Event Note

On April 2, 1947, Arie Donner, and his son, Henri, sailed for Palestine aboard Theodor Herzl תיאודור הרצל .

Event Note

On April 2, 1947, François-Jean Armorin came aboard Guardian Theodor Herzl תיאודור הרצל with a colleague in the French press, and sailed from Sète, with the Maapilim.

Event Note

On April 2, 1947, Chasia Bielicka boarded Theodor Herzl תיאודור הרצל with more than 500 children in her charge.

Camp   Καράολος Gazimagusa Karakol Karaolos Internment Camps 55-62, Mağusa bölgesi, Κύπρος Kıbrıs Arie Donner and son, Henri, were interned by the British

Event Note

Arie Donner was interned for six months, while Henri, since he was a child, was allowed to leave for Palestine after three months.

Occupation   נתניה Netanyah, השרון, המרכז, ישראל Arie Donner resumed his career as a diamond polisher

Death 1971    

Event Note

In 1971, Zvi Amiram (Henri Donner) arranged for his sister, Regine, who had become a nun, to come to Israel to be reconciled with their father before his death.



Married Wife Reinert, Sabine
  1. Donner, Clara
  2. Donner, David
  3. Donner, Israel
  4. Donner, Regine
  5. עמירם Donner Amiram, Zvi Henri ben Arie


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