Mandel, Henry

Birth Name Mandel, Henry
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Military Service   מח"ל מתנדבי חוץ לארץ ‎Machal Volunteers from Abroad  

Boat   בן הכט SS Abril INS Maoz (K-24) Argosy USS Cytherea Citra SS Ben Hecht Henry Mandel, age 26 years, served as No. 1 Oiler



Date Street City County State/ Province Country Postal Code Phone Sources
  Kelly Street Bronx, Bronx County   New York United States of America      

Source References

  1. The Jews' Secret Fleet: The Untold Story of North American Volunteers Who Smashed the British Blockade
    1. Page: 177


    1. Mandel, Henry