van Tijn, Gertrude

Birth Name van Tijn, Gertrude
Married Name van Tijn, Gertrude
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth July 4, 1891 Braunschweig Brunswick, Niedersachsen, Deutschland  

Event Note

Gertrude van Tijn grew up in a well-to-do, assimilated Jewish family in Berlin.

Immigration 1915   Gertrude van Tijn moved to the Netherlands

Occupation     Gertrude van Tijn was a social worker

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Gertrude van Tijn cites she "stumbled into work for war-prisoners", distributing kosher food to POWs.

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Following World War II, Gertrude van Tijn served as a social worker for the Joint Distribution Committee in Shanghai, worked for UNRRA in China, and for Joint Distribution Committee in Australia.

Marriage     Tom van Tijn married Gertrude

Membership   Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederlanden Gertrude van Tijn was a member of the Joodsche Raad

Event Note

Gertrude van Tijn was the Dutch representative of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the League of Nations' Refugee Committee, and the head of the Dutch Jewish emigration office.
She was also a member of the Comité voor Joodsche Vluchtelingen (CJV), created by Professor David Cohen, to help Jewish refugees settle in Amsterdam.
After 1933, she helped German-Jewish immigrants, and helped thousands of Jews to go underground.

Camp 1943 Westerbork Durchgangslager Kamp Westerbork, Westerbork, Midden-Drenthe, Drenthe, Nederlanden  

Camp 1944 Bergen-Belsen Konzentrationslager, Bergen, landkreis Celle, Niedersachsen, Deutschland  

Transport 1944   Gertrude van Tijn was sent to Palestine as part of an exchange for German civil internees

Education   Berlin, Metropolregion Berlin/Brandenburg, Brandenburg, Deutschland Gertrude van Tijn studied at Alice Salomon's Soziale Frauenschule



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