Orlowski, Kazik 'Yigal'

Birth Name Orlowski, Kazik 'Yigal'
Call Name 'Yigal'
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth   Warszawa Warsaw, województwo Mazowieckie, Polska  

Camp   Bergen-Belsen Konzentrationslager, Bergen, landkreis Celle, Niedersachsen, Deutschland  

Event Note

Yurik and Kazik Orlowski endured six years on both sides of the Warsaw Ghetto wall and in Bergen-Belsen.
Their father, a physician and an officer in the Polish Army, was taken prisoner on the Russian front when World War II broke out.
The Nazis killed their mother, and their aunt, Stefania cared for them, and smuggled them out of the Warsaw Ghetto.
In 1943, the brothers were sent to Bergen-Belsen with their aunt.
In April, 1945, they were liberated by the 9th United States Army.

Boat September, 1945 RMS/SS Mataroa Meteora Diogenes Mataroa sailed from Marseille to Haifa

Event Note

In September 1945, brothers, Yurik and Kazik Orlowski, age 14 and 12 years, sailed on RMS Mataroa, to Haifa, their father's sister having secured passage for the five-day voyage.

Event Note

In September, 1945, Menachem Frenkel, his mother and sister, sailed on SS Mataroa to Palestine.

Camp September, 1945 מחנה המעצר בעתלית Atlit Detention Camp ,עתלית Atlit, חוף הכרמל, חיפה, ישראל  

Event Note

In September 1945, brothers, Yurik and Kazik Orlowski, were taken to Atlit Detention Camp, where three weeks later they lined up with the other children to declare their desired destination.
They were sent to kibbutz Ginegar קיבוץ גניגר in Emek Jezreel עמק יזרעאל.
Yurik Uri Orlowski cites: " A nurse at Ginegar transformed Yurik into Uri and Kazik into Yigal. The poor child ran after me for two weeks shouting, 'Yurik, I forgot my name!'



Father ‎Orlowski, Mordekhai Maxmilian ben Izrael
Mother Rozencwajg, Zofia Zofja Zelda bat Natan
  1. אורלב ‎Orlowski Orllev, Jerzy Henryk 'Yurik' 'Uri'


  1. ‎Orlowski, Mordekhai Maxmilian ben Izrael
    1. Rozencwajg, Zofia Zofja Zelda bat Natan
      1. Orlowski, Kazik 'Yigal'
      2. אורלב ‎Orlowski Orllev, Jerzy Henryk 'Yurik' 'Uri'