Weinrich Weinroch, Leah bat Moshe

Birth Name Weinrich Weinroch, Leah bat Moshe
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Transport September, 1941 Кладово-Шабац Kladovo-Šabac Transport The Kladovo-Šabac Transport sailed down the Danube River from Bratislava

Event Note

Leo Dort joined the transport in Kladovo, with 150 refugees already in Yugoslavia

Event Note

Nehemia Klein, and his wife, Anutza, joined the Kladovo-Šabac Transport.
Nehemia Klein served on the Passenger Committee.

Event Note

While waiting on the frozen Danube River, Berta Kliper learnt that her mother passed away.
Her father stayed in Wien and perished in the Holocaust.
Her sisters and brothers were sent in Kindertransport to England.

Event Note

Aharon Langsam was on the Kladovo-Šabac Transport bound for Palestine with a group of 50 men from Gdansk, heads of Jewish families.
On the boat were 1,300 Jewish men and women most of them from Austria fleeing Nazi persecution.

Event Note

Haim Shazker joined the Kladovo-Šabac Tansport with his mother, uncle and aunt who were murdered in Yugoslavia.

Event Note

Hanna Vienner joined the Kladovo-Šabac Transport in Bratislava.

Event Note

Heinrich Weinman and his brother, Sigfrid, joined the Kladovo-Šabac Transport.
Sigfrid Weinman was to serve as one of the adult escorting Aliyat haNoar Youth immigration, but he conceded his place to a sick friend.

Event Note

Heinrich Weinroch, and his sister, Leah, joined the Kladovo-Šabac Transport.
Their parents were transported to his father's home town, Kshanov, and then, to Auschwitz.
Leah Weinroch that was murdered by the Germans in a Gas Truck.

Death 1941 Кладово-Шабац Kladovo-Šabac Transport Leah Weinroch was murdered by the Germans in a Gas Truck



Father Weinrich Weinroch, Moshe
  1. כרמל Weinrich Weinroch Carmel, Dan Heinrich 'Timoshenko' ben Moshe


  1. Weinrich Weinroch, Moshe
    1. Weinrich Weinroch, Leah bat Moshe
    2. כרמל Weinrich Weinroch Carmel, Dan Heinrich 'Timoshenko' ben Moshe