Wechtel, Rozea bat Shlomo

Birth Name Wechtel, Rozea bat Shlomo
Married Name Grajower, Varda
Call Name Varda
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth January 23, 1924 Східниця Schodnica, Бориславська міськрада, Львівська область, Україна  

Residence   Borysław, powiat Skierniewicki, województwo Łódzkie, Polska  

Event Note

Rozea Varda Wechtel lived under false identity and worked as a cleaner at police headquarters in Boryslow, taking care of the garden and feeding the pigs.
She stayed there until the war ended.

Event Note

After the war, Moshe Wechtel, Rozea Varda Wechtel, Shmuel Wechtel, an aunt, an uncle and two more family members who survived the war, met in Borysław.

Event Note

In the summer of 1945, Moshe Wechtel, Rozea Varda Wechtel, Shmuel Wechtel, an aunt, an uncle and two more family members moved to Katowice, where they stayed for four weeks, planning to immigrate to Palestine.
They walked to Linz, as they had cousins in Austria who had survived the war, and they were assisted by UNRA.

Event Note

Moshe Wechtel, Varda Wechtel, Shmuel Wechtel and their family joined kibbutz Noam, and, in summer of 1946, they were transferred to Milano, where they stayed for a few months, until they boarded a ship to Palestine.

Marriage April 10, 1949   David Grajower married Rozea Varda Wechtel

Boat July 31, 1946 כתריאל יפה Katriel Yaffe Goffe Avanti Maria Serra Katriel Yaffe כתריאל יפה sailed from Bocca di Magra

Camp August, 1946 Καράολος Gazimagusa Karakol Karaolos Internment Camps 55-62, Mağusa bölgesi, Κύπρος Kıbrıs The Maapilim who sailed on Katriel Yaffe כתריאל יפה were interned on Cyprus

Military Service   צה"ל צבא הגנה לישראל TzaHaL IDF Israel Defense Forces  

Camp December 1946 מחנה המעצר בעתלית Atlit Detention Camp ,עתלית Atlit, חוף הכרמל, חיפה, ישראל  

Event Note

In December, 1946, Rozea Varda Wechtel was transferred to Atlit Detention Camp מחנה המעצר בעתלית.

Residence   כפר סבא Kfar Saba, המרכז, ישראל  



Father Wechtel, Shlomo ben Zvi
Mother Nordlicht, Miriam bat Shlomo
  1. Wechtel, Shmuel ben Shlomo


  1. Wechtel, Shlomo ben Zvi
    1. Nordlicht, Miriam bat Shlomo
      1. Wechtel, Rozea bat Shlomo
      2. Wechtel, Shmuel ben Shlomo