Ziffer, Heinz

Birth Name Ziffer, Heinz
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth   Wien Vienna, Österreich  

Event Note

From 1933, Heinz Ziffer grew up in Izmir.

Event Note

From 1940-1944, Heinz Ziffer was a university student in Istanbul, where he was a member of the steering committee of Neemane Zion, and later on, he served as head of the organization in Izmir.

Event Note

Heinz Ziffer worked with representatives of the Jewish Agency, and agents of the Haganah.


Marriage     Heinz Ziffer married Nira Farhi

Membership   קיבוץ גבולות kibbutz Gvulot, אשכול, הנגב, הדרום Heinz Ziffer, his wife and baby son settled in the Negev



    1. Ziffer, Heinz