Lazarus, Jacques

Birth Name Lazarus, Jacques
Also Known As Jacquel
Call Name Jacquel
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Military Service   Maquis Jacques Lazarus was known as Capitaine Jacquel

Event Note

Expelled from l'École de guerre de Strasbourg following the racial laws of Vichy, Jacques Lazarus became a resistance fighter, and a member organizer of the Jewish Army.

Event Note

In 1944, Jacques Lazarus was arrested by the Gestapo, and deported on the last convoy, with Marcel Bloch, who would become Dassault.
He managed to escape from the Nazis.

Membership 1946 Общество Ремесленного Труда Organization for Rehabilitation through Training ORT Jacques Lazarus was in charge of establishing schools in Algeria

Event Note

Jacques Lazarus served as head of the World Jewish Congress for all of North Africa

Marriage     Jacques Lazarus married Jeanine Judith Esther Cherki



Married Wife Cherki, Jeanine Judith Esther bat Aïzer

Source References

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