Greenfield, Murray Mordechai S.

Birth Name Greenfield, Murray Mordechai S. [1] [2a]
Birth Name מרדכי

    Mordechai מרדכי is considered identical to the name Marduka or Marduku, referring to the god Marduk; meaning Servant/Follower/Devotee] of Marduk in Aramaic, attested in the Persepolis Texts.
    A Mordechai refers to a 9-litre bottle of wine.

Call Name Murray
Call Name מרדכי
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Military Service   United States Merchant Marines USMM  

Event Note

In late 1947, Murray S. Greenfield completed his service, and planned to attend Hunter College in New York City.

Military Service 1947 מח"ל מתנדבי חוץ לארץ ‎Machal Volunteers from Abroad  

Boat   התקווה T.V. McAlister USCGC Gresham Tradewinds haTikvah Murray S. Greenfield served as second officer, in a crew of 20 Jews and two Gentiles

Marriage     Murray S. Greenfield married Hana Lustig

Residence   רמת אביב Ramat Aviv, תל אביב, גוש דן, ישראל  

Membership 1951 Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel (AACI) Mrray S. Greenfield was a founding member

Occupation 1981   Murray S. Greenfield founded Gefen Publishing House

Boat   התקווה T.V. McAlister USCGC Gresham Tradewinds haTikvah Tradewinds התקווה haTikvah sailed from Miami

Event Note

Frank Scanlon was hired to captain Tradewinds haTikvah from Miami to Europe.
Murray S. Greenfield cites: "The captain, a non-Jew hired to take the Tradewinds to Europe, was also in for a surprise: Hed had expected a fully professional crew, not the motley group awaiting him in Miami."

Event Note

'Manny' Weinstein was sent to Miami to join the crew of Tradewinds haTikvah התקווה, on which he served through her entire Aliyah Bet career.

Event Note

Sidney Yellin served as Captain aboard Tradewinds haTikvah התקווה.

Event Note

Murray S. Greenfield, a Merchant Marine veteran, served as Second Officer and fulfilled a number of shipboard duties including cooking, in a crew of 20 Jews and two Gentiles, aboard aboard Tradewinds haTikvah התקווה.

Event Note

August 'Duke' Labeczewski, a Polish Catholic with nine years of shipboard experience, fulfilled a variety of duties aboard Tradewinds התקווה haTikvah.
"Duke was a merchant marine cook during World War II. Short guy. He learned to cook in a Jewish bakery in Philadelphia. He knew all the Yiddish songs and Jewish holidays, and he knew all about Pessah. He was wonderful."
Efrem Sigel cites: "Duke, a non-Jew, was a close friend of Mike Pearlstein's; they'd lived in the same Philadelphia neighborhood. When Pearlstein
decided to volunteer for Aliya Bet, he invited Duke to join him. Soon the two of them were on the SS Tradewinds, bound for Europe and then for Israel."

Event Note

Bernard Lerner served as Second Mate aboard Tradewinds haTikvah התקווה.

Event Note

Hugh McDonald served as Crew aboard Tradewinds haTikvah התקווה.

Event Note

Saul Yellin served aboard Tradewinds התקווה haTikvah.
Saul Yellin described it as the most meaningful experience of his life, because, he cites: he "will never forget the thrill when one Jew was able to reach out to help another Jew as they boarded our ship... they kissed our hands and said that we were sent by the Messiah."

[2] [1] [3]


Married Wife Lustig, Hana

Source References

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