Keith-Roach, Edward OBE

Birth Name Keith-Roach, Edward OBE
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1885   Edward Keith-Roach‏ was born in Gloucester

Occupation 1926   Edward Keith-Roach served as Governor of Jerusalem until 1945

Event Note

Edward Keith-Roach started his service in Palestine as an assistant secretary to the Mandate government chief, and then assistant District Governor of Jerusalem.

Event Note

In 1926, Edward Keith-Roach replaced Ronald Storr as Governor of the Jerusalem District.

Boat   סטרומה Kafireus Καφηρεύς Espiros Есперос Macedonia Makedoniya Македония Strymon Струма Struma  

Event Note

In the aftermath of the Struma tragedy, Edward Keith-Roach attempted to explain that he could not be held guilty himself, and he put the full guilt on the shoulders of the High Commissioner of Palestine, Sir Harold MacMichael.
Edward Keith-Roach quoted a leaflet that was widely circulated in Palestine citing: “MacMichael was responsible for the assassination of 800 Jewish refugees who had been drowned into the Black Sea.”
But, at no time did he or any other British senior official or British cabinet minister ever protest the blocckade.



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