Nussbaum, Walter

Birth Name Nussbaum, Walter
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Transport 1940   The British arrested and transported all German Enemy Aliens

Place Note

In 1940, Britain interned about 1,000 children from the Kindertransport, as Enemy Aliens, on the Isle of Man.
400 of the enemy alien children were transported to internment camps in Canada and Australia.

Event Note

On May 12, 1940, Eric Koch was arrested as an Enemy Alien by the British in Cambridge, assembled in front of King's College Chapel, and sent by bus to Bury St. Edmunds.
From Bury St. Edmunds, he was transported to a larger camp at Huyton, near Liverpool, and from there, he was sent to the Isle of Man,

Event Note

Eric Koch cites "Emil Fackenheim, who had been in a German concentration camp from 1938 to 1030, wasimpressed by the good manners displayed by the policemen who had come to arrest him in Aberdeen, where he was studying."

Event Note

Walter Nussbaum cites: "The first time I was addressed as Mister was in May 1940, when the British Secret Service called at the hostel for Jewish refugee children in London and asked to see me."
"The minister of our small community of youngsters, all cared for by the Jewish Refugee Committee at Bloomsbury House, told the agents that 'Mister Nussbaum was saying his morningprayers just now."

Event Note

Kaspar Naegele was interned in a boarding house in Douglas, on the Isle of Man.

Event Note

Dr. Reichenfeld escpaed the Nazis in Wien, and considered himseld fortunate to find a job as a caretaker in Edinburgh.
He was interned by the British as an Enemy Alien, and interned on the Isle of Man.

Event Note

Hans Reichnfeld was interned,with his father, as an Enemy Alien, on the Isle of Man.

Event Note

Oscar Cahén was interned by the British as an Enemy Alien.


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